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Meet the Committee

Chair: Simon Hall

Treasurer + Secretary: Vinay Karanam

Waikato Chair: Dr. Vinay Karanam

Wellington Chair: Adrian Ferguson

Auckland Chair: Andrew Jackson

Canterbury Chair: Andrew Lamb

Committee Members: Max Goodwin, Steve Lockwood

IMechE Representative: Lindsay Robertson

Simon Hall


In his day job Simon is Operations Manager at Caliber Design, a mechanical engineering design and analysis consultancy. In addition to this internal role he also works in a seconded model on a range of projects spanning across R&D, product design, machine design and architectural fitouts. Simon has been an Engineering New Zealand member and MEG member since 2002, a Chartered Member since 2007 and a Fellow since 2019.

Dr. Vinay Karanam

Treasurer + Secretary

Dr. Vinay Karanam is an independent professional consultant with over 200 satisfied clients across the globe. With expertise encompassing renewable energy, net-zero carbon strategies, non-linear analyses, thermal hydraulics and multi-scale material modeling, he is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer in India and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers India. Dr. Vinay is a well known name in the nuclear fission and fusion industry and has been an invited speaker at several distinguished research and academic institutes around the world. Dr. Vinay has been a committed member of Engineering New Zealand and the Mechanical Engineering Group (MEG) since 2020, following his move to New Zealand from India.

Adrian Ferguson

Wellington Chair

Adrian's diverse background includes mechanical & manufacturing, product design and project engineering. He has also taught at degree and diploma level as an engineering academic and has some Three Waters related infrastructure asset management experience. He has polytech & university qualifications in mechanical engineering & business. Coming from a mechanical background, Adrian's interest in electrical engineering and the EEG springs partly from insatiable curiosity about all things engineering and also from a belief that mechanical and electrical engineering seldom exist in isolation from one another. Adrian is involved with the EEG Education sub-committee, the Mechanical Engineering Group, and the Wellington Branch of Engineering NZ.

Andrew Lamb

Canterbury Chair


Andrew Jackson

Auckland Chair

Andrew Jackson is a mechanical engineer and team lead in the Industrial business line at Beca. He is a chartered member of ENZ and has been a member of MEG for 15 years.

Dr. Vinay Karanam

Waikato Chair


Max Goodwin

Committee Member

Max is a University of Canterbury graduate in Beca's Auckland Industrial team. He strongly believes in the pivotal role engineers play in addressing global challenges, such as industrial emissions. As a passionate learner, Max places great value on expanding his mechanical knowledge and professional network through MEG events. Serving as a member of the MEG national committee, his goal is to boost the involvement of young engineers in MEG to spread and multiply these benefits in the mechanical engineering community.

Steve Lockwood

Committee Member

Steve Lockwood is a retired Honours Graduate Mechanical Engineer. He is CMEngNZ(Ret) and was previously C.Eng. M.I.Mech E. Steve has been a member of the MEG Auckland Management Committee since 2009.

Lindsay Roberston

IMechE Representative

Lindsay has been an IMechE member since about 1982, he also hold CEng (UK) and gained FIMechE. Lindsay was first became a 'registered engineer' with NZIE in about 1980, and have since gained FEngNZ. He has been an active member of Engineering New Zealand since the 1980's. Lindsay gained his BE (Mech) in 1976, MTech (computing) in 1990 and PhD in 2018. His professional experience has included HRSG design, industrial power, energy systems, bioenergy systems and food processing equipment. Lindsay has worked around the world projects ranging from site supervision to consulting. Lindsay has a strong desire to see professional engineering achieving its role in both informing and achieving long term societal goals.

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