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MEG Annual General Meeting -


Date: Tuesday, 14 November  

Time: 6 PM  
Location: Online (Via Microsoft Teams)


  • Agenda:

  • Opening of meeting

  • Record of Attendees

  • Record of Apologies

  • Record of Obituaries

  • Secretary notification of correspondence

  • Presentation of 2021 AGM minutes

  • Vote that minutes be accepted

  • Presentation of Chair’s report

  • Vote that Chair’s report be accepted

  • Presentation of Treasurer’s report

  • Vote that Treasurer’s report be accepted

  • Presentation of IMechE Panel Chair’s report

  • Vote that IMechE report be accepted – John Heywood seconded

  • General Business Voting Results presented for Chair and Committee Member election

  • Confirmation of Chair Confirmation of Management Committee

  • Management Committee to elect positions of Treasurer and Secretary as per Operating Principles

  • Meeting handed over to new Committee

  • Closing of meeting



A recording of the AGM is available for review.

Thank you for your participation and support.

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