Pastoral Robotics – cleaning up our farming
Tech Meeting
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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Two kiwis decided to do something about our rivers, lakes and aquifers… The media never lets a week go by without another article about the state of our rivers, lakes and aquifers. All too often dairy farming is blamed and yet farmers have very few options if they are to stay viable, that is until now… This presentation will follow the story of a chance meeting of two diverse entrepreneurial innovators leading to a solution to what is possibly the most serious environmental challenge facing NZ farming, nitrate leaching. Nitrate escapes from the farming system via leaching from cow urine, slowly making its way into our aquifers, rivers and lakes. Prevent the leaching and the nitrogen stays in the farm system making more grass grow. It is a win-win outcome - but first you have to develop the technology to locate and treat fresh bovine urine patches!
IPENZ - Mechanical Engineering Group Social Golf Tournament at Waitemata Golf Course
Golf Tournament
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Thursday, April 20, 2017
Format: Ambrose Tournament Entry: Individual entry $75.00 per member{includes green fees and light meal) Sponsorship: Hole sponsorships available $100.00 per hole Great prizes Entries to: Win Miskelly, 3 Castleton Drive, Howick 2014. Entries to state name(s) and Handicap Index (if member of a Golf Club) Payment: Cheques with entry payable to W. Miskelly, or direct credit to bank account 03-0166-021550-00 Enquiries: Tim Lynch on 021 716 962 <> or Win Miskelly on 09 534 5836 <> NOTE! If you are unable to play, but could provide either sponsorship or prizes this would be greatly appreciated.
Kiwi Made Composite Helicopters
Tech meeting
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Thursday, April 06, 2017
A NZ start up, Innova Composite Helicopters, decided it was time to build composite helicopters… Helicopter design is full of interesting engineering problems and this talk, by Nina Heatley, Engineering Manager of Innova Composite Helicopters, will cover a number of those including dynamic structures such as the undercarriage design, mechanical systems like the freewheel unit and driveline and the complex aerodynamic and aero elastic challenges of rotor design. The theme of the presentation is that complex projects benefit from diverse engineering teams - how to access a larger team than you have. Nina will focus on the value that accessing more diverse engineering skills added to the helicopter program, and illustrate that with examples of specific technical projects, where they were able to resolve designs and advance the program more quickly. They not only faced the challenge of designing a helicopter, but also of establishing a design organisation and manufacturing organisation at the same time. Nina will share with you one example of how preparing for manufacturing with proper design, manufacturing experiments and documentation allowed them to succeed on the first manufacturing trial. The program experienced a number ‘interesting’ events in the transition from a start-up to being bought by Innova, if time and attention span allows Nina will be happy to answer any questions about those... Time: 6:00pm for refreshments, 6:30 for presentation and questions
Magnet Magic
Tech Meeting
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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Multi-award winning engineers and manufacturers of world-class precision electromagnets, charged particle beamlines and high vacuum equipment. Buckley Systems is a full-service specialist company – some would say the most ingenious particle accelerator systems and electromagnet manufacturing company in the world. Buckley Systems manufactures for a number of key industries including, Ion Implantation, Scientific Research and Medical Therapies. Find out why we build these and what they are used for.
30th November 2016
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Annual General Meeting of the Mechanical Engineering Group of IPENZ 5:30pm Wednesday 30 November 2016 Callaghan Innovation Balfour Road Auckland Followed by the IMechE “Speak Out for Engineering 2016” Speech Contest RSVP by Friday 25th November 2016 to Andrew Clark or 027 604 1312
Speak Out for Engineering
November 30th 2016
85 / 100 seats remaining
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Four fascinating presentations from young engineers developing state of the art technology. MEG is delighted to bring you Speak Out for Engineering 2016 live. Come and hear four brilliant young engineers present their work in the battle for the honour of representing the NZ members of IMechE at the Oceania Regional Finals. The 2016 speakers are: Presenter Topic Ha Tran Modelling the Unsteady Hydrodynamic Response of Tidal Turbines Mark Gilmour Development and characterisation of a radio-controlled “Free to Caster” (FTC) vehicle. Moganraj Subramaniam The effect of blowing agent on the mechanical performance of biochar based wood/polypropylene composites Phoebe Azer-Iskander The Redesign of a Corrosion Resistant Biogas Rice Cooker Entry Free but RSVP essential (so we don't run out of refreshments!)
Grounding of the MV RENA
Tech Talk
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Thursday, July 28, 2016
The Rena grounded on Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga on 5 October 2011. The grounding and subsequent release of oil and other pollutants was the worst maritime environment incident in New Zealand’s history. The salvage and clean-up costs of the Rena were second only to the costs incurred in the salving of the cruise ship Cost Concordia off the coast of Italy. The reviews and enquiries into the Rena incident, the Christchurch earthquakes, and Pike River, have resulted in significant changes to New Zealand’s emergency response preparedness. The presentation will include, what happened, the impacts on the marine and coastal environment, the difficulties that salvors and response personnel faced, and, political, social, and organisational influences and impacts. Presenter: Mr Rob Service (Maritime NZ) Cost: Free but registration is essential, all are welcome.
The Auckland City Rail Link and the Engineers Behind It
Tech Talk
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Have you ever wondered what is going on in the City Rail Link Project? Can you believe what is written in the newspapers? What do the engineers and project managers think? What are they working on? How do you do the financial justification for a project of this size and complexity, with only forecasts of patronage to go on? Here is an opportunity to discuss the City Rail Link Project with Auckland Transport’s Senior Engineers who are actually working on this now. Presenters: Key AT design/engineering staff Date: Wednesday 29th June 2016 Time: 3.30pm introduction to key design/engineering staff at CRL office followed by a presentation in the Mairangi Room. 4:30 -5pm visit to the concourse area of Britomart station, NB no safety gear is required COST: Free but numbers are limited, registration is essential
Next generation design for mixed material 3D printing
Tech Talk
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Thursday, May 19, 2016
Engineering and design is about to enter a new phase, one where the designer works out the desired properties and behaviour of the part then translates this to a combination of architecture and materials at a micro-scale. The object or part is then printed as one entity with a variable composition to deliver those desired and sometimes counter-intuitive functions. How do we choose an object’s form and material composition to achieve the desired performance, perhaps to achieve functionality that would be impractical or impossible otherwise? Consider the further possibilities inherent in 4D printing, where the fourth dimension refers to time or rate of change dependent properties. From shoes to helmets to medical devices to rocket engines, the potential is endless and this new technology is poised to make a step change in our industry – come along and learn about research at Auckland University of Technology and Callaghan Innovation that will ensure NZ is not left out!
2015 Asia Pacific Design Competition Final
Competition Final
54 / 60 seats remaining
Saturday, April 30, 2016
MEG and I. Mech. E Oceania Region are proud to host the 2016 Inter regional Design Engineering Final – where up to 6 teams will be demonstrating their Engineering and Commercial prowess in designing an item that will assist the Hard of Hearing in their everyday life. The presentations will include a prototype, outline the concept and present a commercial case for their ideas. iSign are proudly sponsoring the event with us and will be reminding you of New Zealand Sign Language Week; So if you are interested in what the next generation of engineers are capable of, and how a disability can be overcome, come on down and join us for a great afternoon
Speak Out for Engineering Competition 2016
Competition judging
54 / 60 seats remaining
Saturday, April 30, 2016
MEG and I. Mech. E Oceania Region are proud to host the 2015 and 2016 Inter regional Speak Out for Engineering Final – welcoming back our 2015 Oceania finalist to compete against 7 other regional winners so jump out of bed and head down to support our young engineers as they pit their skills against each other in what we hope will be a truly memorable set of deliveries. We will be providing a light morning tea, and there will be tea and coffee available during the morning